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Week 4: Aesthetics, Design, and Branding

Blog Week 4 Post 1
 The first two websites I have chosen to look at are and 
Fist off Rover P6 is not an appealing website at all. The photos, colors and the way the words are displayed. There is way too many links and the page are hard to follow. I think the page needs to be redesigned completely and they should get rid of the links, not make the page look so cheap. 

The next website with potential problems is Penny Juice. The first problem I noticed was the web page design was not pleasing to the eye more boring and did not seem to fit well. Kind of looks like a cheap webpage. The colors are not applying at all. They could choose more appealing colors, a better background and get rid of the glitches.  In my opinion, think the site needs a complete makeover. 

The last two website I chose to look at are and 
Apple's webpage is appealing and easy to follow and you can easily f…

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