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Week 12 post 1

This weeks lecture was very helpful because I didn't even think about using any of these sites for my business because I would mainly use Facebook and Instagram. I don't really see the use for these other websites at least for my business because it's all about social marketing through Facebook and Instagram.

Some additional online marketing tools I could use is a live stream and podcasts because Facebook and Instagram stories are a popular feature of these social media websites, people post and watch daily. It would be great to get some recognition on a podcast or even a radio station. Podcasts are huge right now. I have yet to find a podcast that I enjoy listening to but that's simply just because I haven't taken the time to find one. I also think an additional online marketing tool that would be great for my business is to get someone who is very well known to share my products and direct them to me. I think that would really help my business grow. 

I'm curr…

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